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John Adams, David Robertson, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra - Adams: City Noir Adams' Saxophone Concerto was composed for McAllister, whom the composer. John Adams, St. Louis Symphony*, David Robertson (5) – City Noir / Saxophone Concerto. Label: Nonesuch – PRO The release features composer John Adams' symphony focusing on the ambience of Los The St. Louis Symphony, led by Music Director David Robertson. Features Johns Adams' City Noir and Saxophone Concerto. (ST. LOUIS) –The St. Louis The St. Louis Symphony, led by Music Director David Robertson. John Adams's "City Noir" & Saxophone Concerto Out Now, with St. Louis Symphony, David Robertson, Saxophonist Timothy McAllister. Download City Noir by John Adams, St. Louis Symphony, David Robertson in high-resolution audio at - Available in MQA and 96 kHz. Pulitzer Prize–winning composer John Adams addresses the dearth of works for saxophone in the classical canon with these two pieces. Moderato; Saxophone Concerto: II. Molto vivo. Timothy McAllister, saxophone. St. Louis Symphony Orchestra David Robertson, conductor. St. Louis Symphony, David Robertson John Adams - City Noir [CD] title piece by composer John Adams and the debut recording of his Saxophone Concerto. MAY6. Release Date: John Adams's "City Noir / Saxophone Concerto" w/St. Louis Symphony, David Robertson, Timothy McAllister.