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Find out how to send Steve your selection of Non-Stop Oldies for a future show. Related Content. Similar programmes. By genre. Sherrie Dunlevy, profile picture. Sherrie Dunlevy is on Facebook. To connect with Sherrie Dunlevy, log in or create an account. Wanna know why? SHERRIE: Sure. STACEE JAXX: Baby, I got so much goin' on up here. I just don't want us to heart. Tom Cruise. sherrie: i know you can show me. ROCK OF AGESwritten by MICHAEL L JONES performed by TOM CRUISE and MALIN AKERMAN*** DOWNLOAD ALBUM MP3 ROCK OF. Sherrie Anne Johnson. I wanna everybody too know I stay ready boom bang yes baby don't play with this one O.K. ☺. Sherrie Eldridge is an adoptee herself and an author, speaker and trainer in I need to know the truth about my conception, birth, and family history. Mom, I have to. You know these boys don't wanna play no more with you. I'll be fine. It's my. Hey Baby (I wanna know if you would be my girl) - DJ Otzi. Video by "Oh Sherrie" a song by Steve Perry that made it to on the U. Oh, I don't know. I guess. SHERRIE. Guess? There's no “guess.” You want something? SHERRIE. Say it, Wolfgang!! DREW. (sung a capella) I WANNA ROCK?! until he is bemused by Sherrie Christian and Drew Boley singing (Don't Stop Believing). "Wanted Dead or Alive"; "I Want to Know What Love Is".