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Текст песни Bon Jovi Joey. Joey Keys was from my neighborhood C'mon tell me 'bout your dreams. Tell me all the sights you're gonna see. Cover Photo: The Very Best of Bon Jovi's photo. Bon jovi Only in my dreams live in Borgata feat. (C) The Island Def Jam Music Group. Tixr has the best prices for Bon Jovi - Liberty Center Tickets at OH Field Of Dreams Drive-In by in Liberty Center. Bon Jovi - Only In My Dreams Lyrics. Barkeep pour me one last shot, 'cause I must be on my way. Gotta make that same old stop that this soul makes everyday. Secret Dreams · Bon Jovi. 1 Comment; 0 Tags. Riding high, then shot down. I load my guns to fire another round. I look deep into your eyes. Bruce Springsteen sang "Land of Hope and Dreams" at the inauguration celebration for Joe Biden, Jan. 20 at the Lincoln Memorial. The backing band, providing the soundtrack, are Melbourne band, “Headhunters”, an accomplished group of Australian musicians led by Brazilian. Mar 6, - I really was not into Bon Jovi music back in the 80's but I did have Night Tracks was a television series which ran from to on. hard to show how deep his feeling for his girl. Jon Bon Jovi is a good father for his family. (Goatly, ) states that the purpose of metaphor is to. Four days after a long list of A-listers performed a televised charity concert, another group of celebrities joined Wednesday to raise money.