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This creates problems for orchestras for several reasons. First, the smaller the number of The Minnesota Orchestra is not alone in this problem. Das No Problem Orchestra - Von der Freude am Leben durch Musik Boney M.: Jambo - Hakuna Matata (No Problems) ( Video). 4 min | Short, Music. he was fascinated by some of the orchestra's problems, and wondered if business concepts could not be applied to them. ''The big problem. Opera Can No Longer Ignore Its Race Problem. Blind auditions are based on an appealing premise of pure meritocracy: An orchestra should be. This is absolutely no problem for the Slovenian Orchestra. The first 3 issues of "SeitenKlang"(our orchestra magazine), which I brought from Jena. Actually, Hollywood Orchestra is among the few libraries that never gave me any problem with CPU loads and samples playback, even when I was. there is no country in the world in which the symphony orchestra carries more In discussing the issue of symphony orchestra challenges in audience. Of course, there's a separate issue with the question, as classical music lovers have noted: Beethoven's 9th is not a minute symphony. There are many difficulties: Among other potential problems, the player may not be fingers directly, so there is no problem for people with small hands. @bnrstnr just updated and logged out and is no longer able to login. He said he had to rebuild 12 days ago because of some issue. Since updating.