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Beaujolais is the most southern wine growing region in Burgundy, though it is substantially different from rest of Burgundy, both in climate and in the wine it. Beaujolais produces light, dry red wines made from Gamay. Perhaps what the region is best known for is Beaujolais Nouveau, a fresh and fruity red wine made. Beaujolais nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular vin de primeur, fermented for. ["Beaujolais primeur", "Beaujolais nouveau" [early and new Beaujolais wine, labelling regulation; France]] []. Quittanson, C. (Ministere del'Agriculture. In the complex world of wine, Beaujolais Nouveau is all about popping the cork on its vin primeur, aka vin nouveau on the third Thursday of. Red wine dry, France, Beaujolais. This cuvée is the epitome of Beaujolais Nouveau while remaining natural, with subtle aromas and flavours. This forthright, supple and easy to drink wine. In this article, we'll present the Beaujolais Nouveau, which has been a tradition in France for many years and is celebrated every 3rd. Red wine. Beaujolais, France. Sustainable. % Gamay. From year-old vines, this has much more structure than your typical Nouveau. ml Bottle. Griottes 20 is a knockout Beaujolais Nouveau! It displays exceptionally aromatic, blueberry notes on the nose, leading to.