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The Society publishes the scientific journal Evolution and co-publishes Evolution Letters along with the European Society of Evolutionary Biology. SSE also. Evolutionary anthropologists, psychologists, and biologists have advanced hypotheses on the biological bases of human culture and behavior. In. The last four chapters examine the evolution of human societies. Foley & Gamble review our current understanding of the societies of hominids and early humans;. Evolution and Society - Introduction Science and science-based technologies have transformed modern life. They have led to major improvements in living. The Cultural Evolution Society is committed to a broad, pluralistic and interdisciplinary perspective, which brings together all researchers applying. The Cultural Evolution Society is a professional scientific society that advances the theory and practice of cultural evolutionary studies. Our goal is to build. Sociocultural evolution, sociocultural evolutionism or cultural evolution are theories of sociobiology and cultural evolution that describe how societies. Declining civilization is a prerequisite for the emergence of a new cultural revolution. From this point of view humanity today faces dramatic. By joining you become part of this academic community. ESEB aims at supporting the study of organic evolution. The Society publishes the Journal of Evolutionary. In this article we will first provide a brief overview of current evolutionary theory, then discuss this theory in the context of technological innovation.