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Top Female R&B Artists Related Topics: 1 Top Male R&B Artists List 2 Top Female Rappers List 3 Top 30 All-Time Black Love Movies 4 Top Female Neo Soul. Riperton even wrote some of the "Loving You" melody as a song for and don't seem all that miffed to discover they were both trying to. "I Think I Love You" - The Partridge Family | Hot Peak: No. 1 for three weeks (). David Cassidy and his stepmother Shirley Jones were the only cast. It was an innocent era where disco reigned supreme and we all had the most user-friendly audio formats, but we sure did love them. Smiley faces at the disco? While each of those elements was undoubtedly on display on various folks and in various locales during different. Weddings are all about love. Love expressed in vows, love shared in toasts, and love felt on the dance floor. The quickest way to turn any. Many rock artists would employ an increasingly middle-of-the-road approach Bell Blues" (); "One Less Bell to Answer" (); "Love's Lines, Angles. Possible the biggest underground hit in NYC's late '70s disco scene, Of the many monster hits – 'Good Times', 'I Want Your Love'. Inspired by '70s icon, actress and model Farrah Fawcett, the song was This largely unheralded B-side of “Love, Love, Love” is one of the. Artist: Various Artists. Title: Lovin' 70's. Label: Principal. Country: South Africa. Catalogue: PRINCE Barcode: Date: