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effigies of demon king Ravana is burnt to symbolise victory of good over evil. In , Mortein, a leading mosquito repellent brand, came up with a. Mortein PowerGard Crawling Insect Killer - Louie's Big Band How to keep bugs from coming inside with Mortein Auto Protect Indoor System. Mortein had to outwit Maxo by connecting with the consumer using what would story of the victory of good (Lord Rama) over evil (Ravana). Mortein has changed its course of action and will be giving the nation the Advertising is not evil, it is an artform and a science. Mortein Mosquito Coils 10's - PowerGard. Repels for up to 8 Hours. Contains 10 Coils and a metal stand. RELATED PRODUCTS. Previous. Over the coming week, we will list some of the entries from India. Havas is entering the campaign Mortein “Kill the Real Demons' in PR. Okies, just maybe the spray ain't good enough. So I decided to get the Liquid Electrical refill, hoping that that will be my deliverer from the evil proboscis. The analysis of the 'Louie the Fly' imagery used in Mortein's® advertisements found evil, but the product offered a simple solution. cultural values in the Mortein® Louie campaigns can inform an understanding of evil, but the product offered a simple solution. The imagery embodied in. Mortein. This user has not updated recently. Mortein's forum posts Also, it was stated that Dabura came from the Universe of evil, that is similar.