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Videos (1). Edit. Luciano - Good Things Going On + Version (Midnight Rock Muzik Records). Thumbnail for. Song information · Luciano - Good Things Going On · Love Me Forever Riddim · Release date: · Label: Midnight Rock · Edit. Luciano - Good Things · Luciano - Good Things (come unto those who wait) · Luciano - Good Things Going On + Version (Midnight Rock Muzik Records). · LUCIANO feat. MySpace: Luciano, Good Things Going On, Love Me Forever, , Midnight Rock · Tune Info. Luciano: actualité, albums, titres, clips, singles, biographie, Best Of Sizzla: The Story Unfolds. Ecouter Guess What's Happening. Listen to Good Things on Spotify. Luciano · Song · Luciano - Jah Words - Music. Jah Words is Reggae Music at Its Best, Stylistically Stitched with Soul, Gospel and Rock. 2, Many Things. Introducing 7" 'Good Things' by Luciano. [Label] Dream [Price] ¥0 [Genre] Conscious Ragga ''09 [Rhythm Track] Revolution/Here I Come. His manager is optimistic on Luciano's outlook at shortstop, but agrees he has a ways to go there. "I see a guy who's gonna be a major league. out on the really cool things going on in the private sector. We sat down with Specialty Response Solutions President Scott Luciano to learn how he goes.