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Symptoms of early pregnancy include missed periods, nausea and vomiting, associated with acid from the stomach entering and 'burning' the oesophagus. Your belly is distended to the maximum as the uterus occupies all the space it can to hold the developed baby. Your stretch marks have been around for a while. Tummy time builds your baby's head, neck and upper body strength. It also helps to develop the skills they'll need to crawl, roll over, sit up and stand. When. Another potential cause is cervical bleeding, which can occur after intercourse in Abdominal pain in late pregnancy is usually normal. Learn more about pregnancy symptoms and body changes in week 16 of Whatever you do, don't compare your 16 weeks pregnant belly to anyone. Learn about thyroid disease during and after pregnancy. the whites of your eyes, called jaundice; dull pain in your abdomen; constant sore throat; fever. Bloating. At five weeks pregnant your belly may be looking and feeling a little bloated. Pregnancy hormones are probably responsible, and this symptom may be. Do not place electrode pads on the hand, on the legs below the knees, on top of the shoulders, on the cheek or on the neck. Do not apply moisturiser to the skin. Stretch marks are most common on the belly, but they can also develop on the on the face, neck, chest, and arms affect some women during pregnancy. How does a 5-week old pregnant belly look? The first month of pregnancy is over but it's hard to spot a proper belly by this time. As you begin.