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All Songs © Andy Milton. © The Pink Dandelions Recorded at the Magic Garden, Wolverhampton, February ' This recording is covered by MCPS. to the magic! Pink Flowers, Dandelion, About Me Blog Eighteen months ago my Dad did a building job for a Chinese man, whose hobby was his garden. The folk roots movement is flourishing and so are new plants in the orchard, the PINK DANDELIONS. Tim Walker met them. Experience Gained: 20 Mature: Elder. Reward Level: 4. Challenge Level: 4. Plot Required: Small Plot. Gardening Rank: Novice (1). Not much happens in the January garden but it's a good time to find summer inspiration in seed catalogues. This part of the garden is next to the well-maintained and weeded vegetable furrows. The old wall they are growing on reminds me of the Secret. Having depleted all the gold from my two main accounts on hatching and pricey gardening spells, I've been gardening like crazy lately; working on not only. Your Magic Garden stock images are ready. Download all free or royalty-free Closeup dandelion magic garden lantern shinning on the green grass royalty. Extreme Close Up Dandelion Flower Abstract Vivid Dreamy Magical Nature,Light Pink Sided Printed,Flag Pole NOT Included: : Garden & Outdoors. Although dandelions are generally considered a weed in gardens, they do have benefits, especially for wildlife: Dandelion flowers are among the top food sources.