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In addition, marking metal products with colored tapes (e.g., color-coding different grades of metal pipes to easily differentiate them while stored in. A tape measure is effectively a flexible ruler that is usually sprung on a retractable mechanism for easy storage, helping to measure the distance or size. Manufactured with superior SK2 Japanese high carbon steel, Komelon cutter professional tape measure with a built-in LED light for easy readability in. Housing: The plastic or metal housing holds the tape. It can act as a quick measuring tool in itself by using the base of the housing to measure short distances. DuckĀ® Brand HVAC Metal Repair Aluminum Foil Tape - Silver, in. x 50 yd. The chrome appearance also blends easily with ducting, air vents and other. If you don't want to pay for delivery or need to ASAP, you can pick it up in store. Just bear in mind not all stores will have everything in stock. You'll be. You can use foil tape across a number of applications thanks to its These include being self-adhesive, easy to install, and heat and light reflective. The PowerLock is easy to use, durable, affordable, accurate, and capable of I can guarantee the Stanely Powerlock was made out of metal in that era too. Durable and shock resistant, this tough tape dispenser has a one-piece metal body with a double sided blade that can be easily turned around. Make trays plaques planters jewelry and decorative pieces by embossing tooling repouss or overlay This tooling foil cuts easily with household scissors or.