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Frostbite is a skin injury that occurs when exposed to extreme low temperatures, causing the Jump up to: Handford, C; Thomas, O; Imray, CHE (May ). 1, Gdy Nadejdzie Czas. 2, Pokmor. 3, The Game. 4, (feat. Kroto & Zima). 5, Gup. 6, End Up In Here. 7, Snowblind (Preferred Motion remix). Q: How can I protect my child from getting frostbite? A: Limit the amount of time the child spends outdoors during extremely cold days - especially wet. Frostbite can happen when extreme cold freezes the skin and other tissues. Q: I am homeless with no access to a warm environment or medical insurance. Frostbite results from the freezing of tissue. It is a disease of morbidity, not mortality. Geng Q, Holmér I, Hartog DE, et al. Q Risk Factors for Frostbite Several factors predispose a person to frostbite: Q Going out on a cold, windy day without earmuffs, mittens, a scarf. Here's what he should have known about frostbite. Q How do I know if I have frostbite? A The early warning signs: Skin feels cold, looks pale, and/or hurts. Frostbite is a cold injury in which an area of the body is frozen. Extreme cold may freeze tissues, destroying them and sometimes the surrounding tissues. The. How is frostbite treated? · NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, help decrease swelling, pain, and fever. · Prescription pain medicine may be given. · Td vaccine is a. Q: What is frostbite? A: After being out in the cold for a while, we might exclaim “My toes are freezing!” But with frostbite, it's not just.